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  The UMEDA Laboratory, official English appellation is Intelligent Sensing Laboratory, was launched in 1994. Our research theme is realization of the "Intelligent Sensing" system for the intelligent machines like a robot. We research wide-ranging. For example, Building of the sensing system for robot, Construction of the Man-Machine Interface using gesture recognition, Fusion of visual sense and tactile sense, and Development of new-type sensors, et al.

Research system

  In the UMEDA Lab., each one of the students has a theme. The outlines of research themes of undergraduate students are determined by the associate professor or graduate students. Graduate students determine his or her research theme by himself.
  In engineering, collaborative research is important, because solo research is difficult. For this reason, we form graduate students-centered groups, and back up each other.

Research themes

Mobile Robot 3D Modeling Image Processing
Intelligent Room POST-CREST Learning


Ms. Isobe won the Best paper award at AISM 2015

Mr. Moro won Best paper award, at The Fifth Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics (AISM2015) held in October, 2015.

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January 14, 2016

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