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  • 日時:6/1(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 要約提出締め切り:ゼミ開始前まで
  • 発表グループ:Etho班
  • 論文:Szilveszter Kovacs, David Vincze, Marta Gacsi, Adam Miklosi, Peter Korondi, "Interpolation based Fuzzy Automaton for Human-Robot Interaction", SYROCO'09 (2009)


  • 日時:6/8(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 要約提出締め切り:ゼミ開始前まで
  • 発表グループ:A班
  • 論文:Implementation of Mobile Robot Control in Intelligent Space, Drazen Brscic,Takeshi Sasaki,Hideki Hashimoto,SICE-ICASE International joint Conference 2006,1228-1233,2006
    &ref(): File not found: "Implementation.pdf" at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";


  • 日時:6/22(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 要約提出締め切り:ゼミ開始前まで
  • 発表グループ:P班
  • 論文:橋本 洋志, 松永 俊雄, 佐々木 智典, 石井 千春, 新妻 実保子, 橋本 秀紀, "手のハプティックインタフェースによる周辺障害物認識システムを用いた歩行器", 計測自動制御学会論文集, Vol.43, No.3, pp.180-188, 2007.03, 0453-4654集,2006.
    &ref(): File not found: "手のハプティックインタフェースによる周辺障害物認識システムを用いた歩行器_1.pdf" at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";
    &ref(): File not found: "手のハプティックインタフェースによる周辺障害物認識システムを用いた歩行器_2.pdf" at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";


  • 日時:7/13(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 要約提出締め切り:ゼミ開始前まで
  • 発表グループ:iS班
  • 論文:新妻実保子, 橋本洋志, 橋本秀紀,"空間メモリ:知識活用を支援する空間知能化", 計測自動制御学会論文誌,第42巻4号, pp.367-375, 2006


  • 日時:10/5(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:Etho班
  • B4論文(小野寺,丹根,沼宮内,結城):Kazuyoshi Wada,Takanori Shibata,Tomoko Saito,Kazuo Tanie“Analysis of Factors that Bring Mental Effects to Elderly People in Robot Assisted Activity;”, Proceedings of the 2002 IEEURSJ Intl. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland October 2002Communication pp174-179, 2003
    fileAnalysis of factors that bring.pdf


  • 日時:10/12(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:A班
  • 論文:江丸貴紀,田中一男,土谷武士,“超音波センサによる距離値および反射波の積分値を利用した自律移動ロボットの通行可能領域検出法”,日本機械学会論文集(C編)74巻737号(2008-1)


  • 日時:10/19(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:P班
  • 論文:Daisuke Chugo, Kazuya Fujita, Yuki Sakaida, Sho Yokota, and Kunikatsu Takase, "Depressurization Assistance according to a Posture of a Seated Patient", HSI 2011, pp.287-292, 2011
    &ref(): File not found: "HSI2011-Chugo-91.pdf" at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";


  • 日時:11/16(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:iS班
  • 論文:Takahiro Yamauchi,Masashi Konyo,Shogo Okamoto,Satoshi TADOKORO,"Virtual Active Touch: Perceived Roughness Through a Pointing-Stick-Type Tactile Interface",2009
    fileVirtual Active Touch.pdf
  • 論文:Sho Tsuchiya, Masashi Konyo, Hiroshi Yamada, Takahiro Yamauchi, Shogo Okamoto and Satoshi Tadokoro,"Virtual Active Touch II: Vibrotactile Representation of Friction and a New Approach to Surface Shape Display",2009
    fileVirtual Active Touch II.pdf





  • 日時:12/15(木)10:00〜12:00
  • 発表グループ:iS班
  • 論文(村松):
    • 永野光, 岡本正吾, 山田陽滋,"触覚的テクスチャの材質感次元構成に関する研究動向",2011
    • Takuya Kawamura, Yuki Otobe, and Kazuo Tani,"Effect of Touching Manner and Motion Direction of Human Finger on Human Tactile Recognition ",2009
      fileHuman Tactile Recognition.pdf
    • Yeongmi Kim, Jongeun Cha, Jeha Ryu and Ian Oakley,"A Tactile Glove Design and Authoring System for Immersive Multimedia",2010
      {LANDISK}\2011\論文輪講用論文\20111215_村松\A Tactile Glove Design and Authoring System.pdf


  • 日時:4/20(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 要約提出締め切り:ゼミ開始前まで
  • 発表グループ:Etho班
  • M1論文:A’. Miklósi · R. Polgárdi · J. Topál · V. Csányi, "Intentional behaviour in dog-human communication: an experimental analysis of “showing” behaviour in the dog", Anim Cogn (2000) 3 :159–166, 2000


  • 日時:4/27(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 要約提出締め切り:ゼミ開始前まで
  • 発表グループ:A班
  • M1論文:G. Q. Huang; A. B. Rad & Y. K. Wong, "A New Solution to Map Dynamic Indoor Environments", International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Vol. 3, No. 2 (2006) ISSN 1729-8806, pp. 199-210 ;fileA New Solution to map dynamic inddor environments.pdf
  • M2論文:RedundantRobot Manipulator Control with Obstacle Avoidance using Extended Jacobian Method Control & Automation (MED), 18th Mediterranean Conference on 23-25 June 2010. ;fileRedundantRobotControl.pdf


  • 日時:5/11(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:P班
  • 論文:Hui Tang and David J. Beebe, "Oral Tactile Interface for Blind Navigation", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING, VOL. 14, NO. 1, MARCH 2006, pp.116-123.
    &ref(): File not found: """ at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";


  • 日時:5/24(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:iS班
  • M2論文(小林):M. Grundmann, F. Meier, and I. Essa (2008) “3D Shape Context and Distance Transform for Action Recognition”, In Proceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2008, Tampa, FL.
    file3D Shape Context and Distance Transform for Action Recognition.pdf
  • M1論文(白石):芝田 祐也、倉本 至、渋谷 雄、辻野 嘉宏GUIの特徴がユーザに与える 印象の調査 電気情報通信学会 2005 pp.153-158
    file110003272673 (2).pdf
  • M1論文(塩崎):大内 誠、岩谷 幸雄,鈴木 陽一,“視覚障害者のための3次元聴覚情報の提示”,バイオメカニズム学会誌 31(2), 95-100, 2007-05-01.
    &ref(): File not found: "ザキさんアップして.pdf" at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";


  • 日時:6/1(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:Etho班
  • M2論文(別府):Peter Martin and M. R. Emami (2010),“Neuro-fuzzy Compliance Control for Rehabilitation Robotics”,International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics 2010
    fileNeuro-fuzzy Compliance Control for Rehabilitation Robotics.pdf
  • M1論文(市川):Gabriela Barrera • Alba Mustaca • Mariana Bentosela, "Communication between domestic dogs and humans: effects of shelter housing upon the gaze to the human", Anim Cogn(2011);
    fileCommunication between domestic dogs and humans.pdf


  • 日時:6/8(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:A班
  • M2論文(和田):Yu Liu, Bin Liang, Kui Sun,Yanshu Jiang,“Research on obstacle avoidance of redundant robots based on geometric models”, Systems and Control in Aerospace and Astronautics, 2008.
    &ref(): File not found: "Research on obstacle avoidance of redundant robots based on geometric models.pdf" at page "Memoers Only/輪講スケジュールと論文データ(2011年度)";
  • M1論文(廣井):戸田 雄一郎(首都大),久保田 直行(首都大)"Multi-resolution map を用いた未知環境の探査",Proceedings of the 2011 JSME Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics,2011.
    fileMulti-resolution map を用いた未知環境の探査.pdf


  • 日時:7/13(水)16:30〜18:30
  • 発表グループ:iS班
  • M2論文(小林):Rodrigo Cilla, Miguel A. Patricio, Antonio Belanga, Jose M. Molina, “Non-Supervised Discovering of User Activities in Visual Sensor Network for Ambient Intelligence Application”, 2nd International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies, 24-27 Nov. 2009, pp.1-6, 2009.
    {LANDISK}\2011\論文輪講用論文\Non-Supervised Discovering of User Activities in Visual Sensor Network for Ambient Intelligence Application.pdf


  • 日時:10/5(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:Etho班
  • M2論文(別府):Toshimitsu Hamada, Hiroki Okubo, Kazuya Inoue, Joji Maruyama, Hisashi Onari, Yoshihito Kagawa, and Tomomi Hashimoto, “Robot Therapy as for Recreation for Elderly People with Dementia – Game Recreation Using a Pet-type Robot –”, Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication pp174-179, 2003
    fileRobot Therapy as for Recreation for Elderly People.pdf
  • M1論文(市川):


  • 日時:10/12(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:A班
  • M1論文(廣井):
    汎用三次元環境地図を用いた移動ロボットナビゲーションのための地図生成,日本ロボット学会誌,Vol. 28 No. 1, pp.106〜111, 2010


  • 日時:11/9(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:iS班
  • M2論文(小林):
    Epelde, Gorka; Valencia, Xabier; Abascal, Julio; Diaz, Unai; Zinnikus, Ingo; Husodo-Schulz, Christian; "TV as a human Interface for Ambient Intelligence environments.pdf", 2011 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME),pp.1-6, 2011.
  • M1論文(白石):
    A Suggestive Interface for 3D Drawing, Takeo Igarashi John F. Hughes
    fileA Suggestive Interface for 3D Drawing.pdf


  • 日時:11/24(水)10:00〜12:00
  • 発表グループ:M2
  • M2論文(小林):
    • Galambos, P.; Baranyi, P., "VirCA as Virtual Intelligent Space for RT-Middleware", 2011 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), pp. 140 - 145, 2011.
    • Song, Y.E.; Sasaki, T.; Hashimoto, H.; Lee, B.H.; Baranyi, P., "3D Line segment matching based on Gaussian mixture model for VirCA", 2011 8th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), pp. 731 - 736, 2011.
    • Komlodi, A.; Jozsa, E.; Hercegfi, K.; Kucsora, S.; Borics, D., "Empirical usability evaluation of the Wii controller as an input device for the VirCA immersive virtual space", 2011 2nd International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom), pp. 1 - 6, 2011.
    • Fulop, I.M., "Extending intelligent collaboration using semantic information in the VirCA system", 2011 IEEE 9th International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI), pp. 237 - 242, 2011.
    • Song, Y.E.,; Hashimoto, H; Niitsuma, M., "Spatial Memory for Augumented Personal Working Environments", Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics, (submitted).
  • M2論文(別府):
    • Miguel A. Salichs, Ramón Barber, Alaa M. Khamis, María Malfaz, Javier F. Gorostiza, Rakel Pacheco, Rafael Rivas, Ana Corrales, Elena Delgado, David García: "Maggie: A Robotic Platform for Human-Robot Social Interaction", Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics, 2006
      fileMaggie A Robotic Platform for Human-Robot Social Interaction.pdf
    • Trappey, C.V., Trappey, A.J.C., Liu, C.S.,"Develop Patient Monitoring and Support System Using Mobile Communication and Intelligent Reasoning", Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pp1195-1200, 2009
      fileDevelop Patient Monitoring and Support System.pdf
    • 秋谷直矩,丹羽仁史,岡田真依,山崎敬一,小林貴訓,久野義徳,山崎晶子, "高齢者介護施設におけるコミュニケーションチャンネル確立過程の分析と支援システムの提案", 情報処理学会論文誌 50(1), pp302-313, 2009 → Landisk


  • 日時:11/30(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:Etho班M1
  • 論文:
    Rachel Gockley, Allison Bruce, Jodi Forlizzi, Marek Michalowski, Anne Mundell, Stephanie Rosenthal, Brennan Sellner, Reid Simmons, Kevin Snipes, Alan C. Schultz, and Jue Wang, "Designing Robots for Long-Term Social Interaction", Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2005. (IROS 2005)
    fileDesigning Robots for Long-Term Social Interaction.pdf


  • 日時:12/14(水)17:00〜19:00
  • 発表グループ:A班M1
  • 論文:
    Danilo Habermann and Claudio Garcia, "Obstacle Detection and Tracking using Laser 2D", 2010 Latin American Robotics Symposium and Intelligent Robotics Meeting
    fileObstacle Detection and Tracking Using Laser 2D.pdf


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