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Human-System Laboraotry is a laboratory launched in 2009 at Department of Precision Mechanics, Chuo University. We aim to realize human-robotic systems collaborative interaction in daily living environments in order to support and enhance human activities. 

Research topics:
- Intelligent Space and spatial human interface in Intelligent Space
- Ethologically inspired human-robotic systems communication
- Assistive robotics for cognitive info-communication
- Cooperative smart electric wheelchair

CENTER:[[&ref(./hslab2013_en.png,50%,Research topics of Human-System Laboratory in 2013);>ResearchList_en]]
CENTER:Research topics of Human-System Laboratory in 2013&br;
CENTER:''Niitsuma Laboratory''&br;
//CENTER:"Niitsuma Labotaroty"
CENTER:Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Precision Mechanics,
Chuo University
CENTER:1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8551, Japan
CENTER:Korakuen campus, Building No.2 room 2717 (Office), room 2701 (lab).
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