Technologies learning from biology

Mankind has brought science and technology forward significantly over the past 100 years. However, many aspects in living systems, which has evolved over billions of years, still remain unsolved. Living systems uptake nutrients from the environment and replicate themselves, and organize components, such as biopolymers and cells, into complex structures which produces various functionarities. The most fundamental components, i.e., atoms, and physical laws are the same between living and non-living systems. Combinations and the way they utilize components and interactions are characteristic in living systems.

In our laboratory, we learn the laws and principles that bilogical systems possess, try to "model" in the simpler and defined ways, and aim to propose novel engineering technologies. Especially we pursue the way nature and bilogical systems organize nano- to micrometric components into larger and more complex systems and the way the functionalities emerge from the self-assembled and self-organized system.


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