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*Link to team intro video [#c2bfe2cf]

*Development achievements (Team) [#ee56f1a1]
We have realized autonomous mobile robot navigation systems including map building, moving objects tracking systems using onboard sensors or distributed sensors in an environment. Also, observing human position and human motion recognition have been achieved. Then, we have applied these technologies to provide assistive services for human users. As the latest achievement, we have realized a handshake interaction with a pepper. A pepper is able to actively initiate a person into conversation and handshake.

*Members [#tb384b35]
-Motoaki Shiratsu [Leader]
-Mihoko Niitsuma
-Yuta Sampei
-Shuntaro Noguchi
-Takumi Nishio
-Kouji Sakotani

*Overview of robot(program) developed [#f99bde29]
- We will demonstrate an ambient assisted system integrated with a robot.
- The ambient assisted system will promote "buying together" by providng additional information related with an item which a customer is going to buy.
- The ambient assisted system will consist of LIDARs, small tablets and pepper (Softbank).
- The system observes customers' position and hand motion, then detect an item which the customer is going to buy. After that, it will show information related with the deteced item to the customer.
- The system will select an most effective display to show the information based on the face direction of the customer. The face direction of a customer will be obtained from each tablet camera.
- The information will include not only an advertisement of a related item  but also the location of the item in the store. Then, the system will contribute to propoting buying other items together. 
- A short video clip to give an additional adverisement of products related with an item which a customer is going to buy will be also available.
- Providing information and guiding a customer to a distant place inside the store will be realized cooperating with distributed tablet displays and pepper.

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